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Astrology is the science of stars and planets. Everyone is born with a sky shot of planets and signs in life at the time of birth and that sky shot decides our Destiney and fate. Every planet and signs have their own attributes and nature which rules every one of us. Our nature, physic, behavior, family, wealth, career, business, services, friend health, love, marriage, children, education. Every domain of life is related to astrology. Astrology helps to seek advice for our path in right directions to identify the available strength and weakness that we are born with, astrology is a guiding path to make particular choices of work while performing our task or headed towards new goals. Astrology helps your moves in accordance with favorable planets and time periods it provides a foundation for future growth, love, happiness, and harmony. Astrology analysis report: In astrology consultation solutions regarding different domains e.g. money, career, services, partnership, spirituality, occupation, family, friends, abroad settlement, etc. A detailed report carrying all suggestions and guidance of your questions and problems.