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Astrology courses

Astro course helps you to understand Astrology and its combination with Vastu Shastra. It helps us to read horoscope and understanding on self-chart. Step by step procedures to make u understand astrology in simple and effective ways to learn and analyze every question and problem related to money, business, finance, children, relationships, partners, love, marriage, job, family, foreign etc. 

Course synopsis

  1. Introduction of astrology 

  2. Attribute of planet, signs, and houses

  3. Decode physical appearance and its importance.

  4. Timeline and its effects e.g. Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantar dasha.

  5. Decoding Disease from chart and their remedies.

  6. Decoding Profession to get success and money.

  7. Decoding child profession and career.

  8. Marriage-love or arranged, compatibility between spouse etc.

  9. Matching making for life partner and business partner.

  10. Loan, repayment and loss of money.

  11. New job opportunities, promotion, transfer, posting.

  12. Mangal dosh, pitra dosh, kaal sarp dosh, and their relevance in astrology.

  13. Child Birth.

  14. Horary question

  15. Birth time rectification

  16. Suitable gemstone for career & growth in life 

  17. Suitable directions for business according to profession and work.

  18. Diagnoses of problems in house according to chart and house plans.

  19. Finding accurate object as per astro – vastu combination in house or any space.

  20. Drowsing techniques.

  21. Remedies as per astro vastu combination.

  22. House activators.

  23. Working on your own chart.

  24. Self-analysis

  25. Decoding purpose of life/birth.