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In 2008, A Business Man after having major drawbacks and incurred heavy losses in life got inspired to learn and study contemporary research on Energy Science and Space Energy. As a student of science, He was aware of many reactions and energies. As Every Space has its own energy and it reacts according to that energy level.But he never thought that they make a great difference in real life. He started to pursue his journey towards learning the science of energy. He studied and explored the secrets of our Ancient Science called VASTU SHASTRA, the Vedic Architecture. He started learning and practicing through all live practical’s and experiencing the effects of vastu and astrology in everyday life. After experiencing and practicing under renowned gurus.

He gained and got specialized as Vastu Acharya. Having specialty under Vastu-Astro. How the combination of vastu shastra and astrology plays a significant role in everyone’s life. Objects and planets make a great combination and energies generated from it makes a big difference He gained knowledge from his guru Dr. Khushdeep Bansal.

Acharya Sanjay Tangoria as an advisor is serving Industrialists, Businessman, Developers for their services and giving consultancy over 8 years. Many of life problems relate to vastu which people are not aware of. His life mission is to spread the wisdom of vastu and how it affects people’s everyday life. By sharing his life insights through out the world. To remove the Myths which are spread among people and society. As a teacher and consultant both he wants people to get the true knowledge of vastu.Now a days people only know vastu means demolition. But its not true demolition is not only solution. We can do vastu without demolitions also and that to with only few changes or small remedies and solve the situations accordingly. There are many wrong myths and beliefs regarding vastu among society. He wants to show the right and exact picture of vastu to people. So that they are not manipulated by others in name of vastu.