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Numerology courses

Numero course helps us understand basics and magics of Numerology. How numbers create magic in our life. Importance of letters, and numbers (1-9). What is different kind of theory in numerology and how to apply in our day -to -day life. What are vibrations of name we have, how to find suitable names for new born child with effect of astrology, what is destiny numbers assigned to us since we are born, how to make proper use of those numbers for success in life and growth in life. How to make our signatures more powerful to create harmony and magic in our life. 

Course synopsis

  1. Introduction of numerology.

  2. Attributes of numbers.

  3. Know your own secret numbers & effect of number (1-9) in your life.

  4. Secrets behind brand numerology.

  5. How to select beneficial mobile no, email-id, password, vehicle no etc.

  6. How to select beneficial time for business meeting, & phone calls for payment recovery, new orders etc.

  7. How to select a bank to open VIP a/cs.

  8. Select beneficial god for prayer.

  9. In 2 min judge a person by name/birth details/phone no are they beneficial for us or not.

  10. How to select beneficial gemstone.

  11. How to get support from another person by only changing name in your mobile no.

  12. How to make your signature profitable.