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Bhavnay Bhawan Ki Putri Hai

Glide Path

A house or home is a place where we reside or live in that space as a permanent or semi – permanent residence. A space where we live is a home and that defines us which is enclosed with walls of our dreams and desires which we build around us for our future. It is a place which relates to our mind, body & soul. This is how our personality and attitude are developed and formed Under those enclosed walls of energies.

VASTU means Vaas Karne Yogy.

There are 45 devtas whose energy is developed and grows according to particular space which develops as Vastu Purusha.

Vastu Purusha bestows all the functions and qualities of life and covers all the domain of our life like: Health, Wealth, Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and even Doshas of our Life and Karma which leads to vastu Doshas. Balance is created by having proper or right thing at proper place which is required to have a positive environment. If the environment is negative that means proper placement of things is not there which creates pain and problem in life like if there is anti-color, wrong placement of objects and inappropriate directions due to which imbalance is created.

Understanding and working on powers of 16 directions and each directions have their own attributes like Divinity/clarity, Health, Enjoyment in life, social relations, intellection, money, confidence, peace of mind, fame in life, expenses, bonding of family, savings, education, profits /gains, depression or low mood, support/ help, new opportunity in life, etc.

These all are related to 16 directions of vastu and its energy levels according to 45 devtas present. Our path/goal is based on each of these as it relates to every domain and aspect of persons life.