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Vastu course allows you to understand what is Vastu Shastra and how it works. How and why vastu is important, how our everyone’s life is related to vastu and what are the effects of vastu in our day to day life. It helps us understand all basic parameters of vastu. Energy levels, 5 elements, directions, marma sthans, purush mandala. What are remedies of our problems related to vastu without demolitions.How to balance our space (home, office, any living or working space), how to treat negative area according to problems to create love, happiness and harmony in life. How to get desired results by using household objects. Practical training and working on live projects. how to make layout plans and how to work on magnetic compass also how to diagnoses your problem on your plans and remedies according to that. 

Course synopsis

1.Introduction of vastu and origin  Vastu purush and energy levels.

2. How to select beneficial plots &  Flats.

3. Effects of 16 directions and 32 entrance As per ancient system of vastu shastra.

4. Theory of Panch Mahabhoot (5 element) And their effects on buildings and in our life.

5. Effect of buildings on mind/body/soul.

6. Symbols/Paintings effects on entrance & Inside the house.

7. Effects of bedroom, kitchen, toilets, temple etc. in  Different directions.

8. Effects of household items in different directions.

9. How to check own health & wealth as per your existing home plan and how to get rid of health problems.

10. Systematic working procedure on your own floor plan. 

11. Treatment of non-profitable entrance, toilets, kitchen and many more.

12. Using colors as a remedy on walls, curtains and other home decors.

13. Using households as a remedy.

14. How to use metal strips & other metal remedies.

15. Enhancing the space energy by lighting and mantra technique.

16. How to improve money cycle in daily life.